Spring Has Sprung

It was one of those off the cuff questions but when you think about it there’s actually an awful lot going on in Spring:

  the clocks go forward

  Easter can be celebrated

  Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday is to be indulged in

  holidays can be taken

  The Grand National can be watched

  bulbs can be planted

  weeds can be admired

  Groundhogs can be woken up

And that’s just off the top of my head, in fact there’s a ton of stuff going on in Spring all of which should be delighted in and celebrated methinks!!

I suppose one could argue other seasons hold their own when it comes to events and markers to be enjoyed, but the older I’ve got I’ve come to really appreciate Spring for all the obvious reasons.  Now I really do appreciate the season of Spring, the renewal, the freshness, the hope, the anticipation my goodness there’s a plethora of words I could use and somehow I feel we all rather need it!

So back to the real question, should we celebrate Spring more fully and how could we do it???

- Clear out our drinks cabinet, mix up all the eighth full bottles of liqueurs, brandies, vermouth etc to make one almighty cocktail to drink all weekend long.  Unless of course you have extremely obliging friends and family who drank you out of house and home over the holidays!

- Secretly, in the dead of night plant a 100 daffodils in your neighbour’s front lawn and then enjoy his surprise and delight in just a few months’ time as they rise all yellowy, wavy and happy.

- Resolve to turn up at your husband’s, wife’s, significant other’s place of work with a packed lunch, just like they used to take to school and watch them tuck into their fare with gusto.  It will improve your relationship no end, trust me.

- Insist all your children (if you don’t have any, borrow a few) have cold showers each morning before school, it will invigorate the day for them and they’ll thank you when they’re older, when they have children of their own, perhaps if they remember, or maybe they’ll never appreciate it ….

- Throw out your old dressing gown and buy a lovely new silk one from SoffiaB

So just a few ideas to begin Spring with vigour and vitality, you’re welcome, I can only imagine how many you might try!?! 

Or what you could always do which is sooo much fun – and that is bath your dirty, smelly, hound who has rolled repeatedly and deeply in something dead and disgusting which has just been revealed as the ground has defrosted, which is what I did, oh the joys of Spring!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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