Teabags And Trails

What does this picture mean to you?

-        Three teabags left on a counter or table somewhere?

-        Nothing very much you don’t really care!

-        Or like me, you find it more than a tad worrying, almost panic-stations

You might have guessed if you follow SoffiaB on social media that this is a pic from the current skiing holiday.

We tried a different place this year instead of Colorado, we’ve gone to Utah. It’s steep here, very steep and it’s been quite the ahem, adventure finding oneself on the ridgeline with trees one side and a huge, vertical bowl the other – skiers you’ll know what I mean!

But I’ve survived quite well and my skiing has improved. So what has this got to do with teabags you may ask? Well speaking of surviving…..

I always carry a chocolate bar of some sort in my handbag, there is always a bottle of champers and a bottle of wine in the house, there are always frozen petite-pois peas in the freezer, several bottles of water in the car and Earl Grey tea is always, always in the tea caddy.

My day begins with tea and often ends with it, much like putting on and taking off my SoffiaB dressing gown. Unlike my dressing gown I also drink tea during the day, along with some coffee too and water, but tea at breakfast and afternoon tea are an event.

Tea and the above items are pretty much my security blankets if you will. I can get through whatever life throws at me, if I have these items to hand. Not necessarily to consume all at once, but just on hand and just in case, the world feels stable on its equilibrium.

The tea however can pose a bit of a difficulty in that I like Twining's Earl Grey tea from the UK, not the American version of it, the English version – yes it tastes very different! So when I go home I pack tons of it and if I run out, order some from the big A at vast expense!

So of course I take a pack with me when traveling and on hols.

Mountain air is dry and dehydrating, altitude sickness is common. I’ve been drinking loads of water and of course tea. We have a rubbish o’clock flight tomorrow and we have 3 teabags left…………. Can I survive, of course. Will I have a headache, will I feel lousy, will I be in a foul mood, yes, yes and yes. Shall I go and buy some English Breakfast just to be on the safe side, yes!

I honestly don’t know if my teabag dependency is all in my head but the panic induced by seeing 3 measly bags left isn’t! It’s horrible! Perhaps it’s the caffeine, but coffee doesn’t do the same thing for me, I don’t know? And in the grand scheme of things this is trivial but tea gets me through and it’s been like this since, of I don’t know, forever? Certainly since my late teens.

Is this just me or do any of you have something you must, must have or your whole centre of gravity is off?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – Sophie 

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