Thanksgiving Thankfulness

We thought here at SoffiaB we’d think about some things to be thankful for, jot them down and see what you thought?  Although darhlings Pumpkin Pie, horrors , will not be listed here!

Plus you’re always most welcome to compile your own and send them in ……

- We’re thankful we can skip the “diet” and healthy eating and basically consume everything we want to, because frankly it would be rude not to

- We’re thankful Fido appears to have overcome his, er ahem, shall we say mating habit and Aunt Augusta’s handbag is safe once more

- We’re thankful the in/out-laws have come to us this year …. no really we are, very thankful, honestly, brilliant, just brilliant!

- We’re thankful the dress we just bought on sale at Bergdorf’s actually fits, at least it did pre-thanksgiving meal

- We’re thankful Tarquin has decided he’s going to be very rich when he grows up so we can spend our retirement fund, we always rather fancied doing “the grand tour”.

- We’re thankful the lobsters will be shipped precooked and frozen this year, all that tentacle waving was really too much to bare, plus the ducks got awfully upset when Persephone released them all into the pond

- We’re thankful we’ll be spending at least 5 hours on a plane, train and automobile at some point, after all the study of our transport system is just fascinating

-We’re thankful we’ve all had exactly the same idea and got up super duper early to go to the supermarket and grocery store to buy up half of it, with the added benefit of meeting all our friends/school mothers/spin class/work colleagues and general acquaintances at the same time, so nice to catch up!

- We’re thankful our significant other is conserving energy and generally taking it easy as there’s really no point in two stressed out hosts ….. did we really say that??

- We’re  thankful we can gloat to the crew in the UK, it’s just another dull Thursday pondside

- We're thankful we have a SoffiaB luxury silk robe to begin and end our day with!

- And of course we’re jolly thankful the wine cellar is fully stocked, because goodness knows we’ll need it!

And with that happy thanksgiving!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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