The List That Time Forgot

  • Your UPS chappie – so what if your pooch hates him, he carries valuable cargo, usually that “can’t live without” item you saw on sale at Bergdorf’s
  • Your personal trainer – your body would not thank you for upsetting her, especially when all the eating and drinking is said and done
  • Your doorman – how many times has he seen you fumble for your key as you’ve poured yourself out of the taxi and not a word has he spoken except to bid you Goodnight as he helps you stagger into the lift.  Our advice a large gift, a very large one!
  • Your elderly neighbour, maybe she has sworn at you or thrown your post in bin, but everyone deserves a little holiday spirit and you never know a tot or two of whiskey may just be transformational
  • Your rubbish/trash/refuse collector – the alternative is not worth imagining
  • Your hairdresser and manicurist – well you rarely forget them as they are an essential part of your life, but what about the wee lass or lad who sweeps up the cuttings whilst dreaming of being the next Vidal Sassoon or more likely being home in time for Strictly Come Dancing / The Voice etc
  • Your cleaner – see above re rubbish collector
  • Your gardener – at this time of year you may not see your gardener as he’s probably off sunning himself in Australia or somewhere equally exciting and warm, but as you want to admire his bronzed figure as he’s pruning the roses next summer, it might be an idea to give him a little something
  • Your friends and family – check!
  • Your bakery lady – who else knows just how important that Cronut is to you!
  • Your dog walker – Fido would be devastated,  not to mention your wood floors would be ruined with all the racing around the house.
  • Peregrin’s teacher – after all who else is molding the little hooligan into a passing resemblance of a child that can be both seen and heard.
  • Your wine merchant – without him your mind would cease to function

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous & Happy Holidays - Sophie

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