Throwback Thursday

As I started thinking about Throwback Thursday I realized there was no way I was going to be sharing any hideous picture of me when I was 15 or similar, after all there comes a certain time in one’s life when one doesn’t want to be reminded of certain ages.

I certainly don’t feel nostalgic about my younger self, but it had me pondering about my first dressing gown which I am desperately trying to recall?  I am not sure why I can’t remember what it was like, because I am sure I liked it or maybe I was just too wee to know any difference.  Having had dressing gowns and robes all my life or at least when I was old enough to walk and not get all tangled up I have loved and loathed them in equal amounts.

Robes for me are synonymous with sleep which is synonymous with comfort and restoration so how can they be bad.  Well they can and I’ve written about the pitfalls of a rubbishy robe before.

I wonder if my sister remembers my first robe being quite a bit older than I?  It might well have been one of her hand me downs, although our Mother was pretty good in that respect and I only received my sister's cast offs occassionally.  I think she realized a) we have very different tastes even at a tender age b) we were too far apart in years vs fashion and c) being a sartorial dresser herself she understood the pleasure of having one’s own clothes.

I think I may have mentioned over the course of these articles my various robes and many provided comfort and warmth and quite a few looked absolutely spiffy, none provided both in equal measure.  Until of course we created SoffiaB, but here I go again blowing the SoffiaB luxury robe trumpet – forgive me dear reader!

But what does your robe mean to you then and now?  Was it purely a childhood item for you, along with your PJs nighties?  Are you an inconsistent wearer of robes or does it depend on how the mood takes you?  Do you keep them solely for Spa days.  Or perhaps to wear on windy English beaches as you’re building sand castles with the ankle-biters, all the while wishing you’d just bitten the bullet and booked two weeks in Marbella.  Do you think they’re the preserve of your crusty old Uncle who staggers about wearing his tartan one at inappropriate times of the day (although in my book goodness only knows what time it’s considered inappropriate to wear a robe)!  Or perhaps you’ve been put off robes ever since seeing Hugh Heffner at an impressionable age and now you know what the whole mallarky is about with Hugh, you’re no nearer wanting one?

Only you can tell me your feelings about your dressing gowns, I believe you all know mine by now – I love them!!  But do you remember your first robe, what was it like, was it big and fluffy?  Perhaps it was sleek and sexy?

I’d love to remember mine, I feel a bit of my childhood is missing, time to dig out the old photos methinks. 

Do let me know about yours though I’d love to hear about them?  If you have a picy we could even feature the robe themselves on another posting – fame at last!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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