Tidy House Tidy Heart

Or is it tidy mind or .... oh I don't know? I remember a phrase being bandied around when I was a wee whippersnapper something along those lines? It certainly wasn't by my Mother who, whilst reasonably tidy certainly wasn't obsessed with it all and had piles of papers etc hanging around.

I am generally a tidy person, in that I like my house to be neat and tidy, or at least presentable with some clear surfaces and things looking like they are there for a reason. Behind closed doors, literally, it's a bit of a different story. To use yet another cliche or saying "what the eye doesn't see, the mind doesn't fret about" - or am I just plagerizing and distorting well known phrases? But you get the jist no?

You may recall it's taken about a year to complete our bedroom bathroom renovation. Well along with that the adjoning dressing room has also had an overhaul. So for this past year we've been sleeping upstairs, bathing in various bathrooms and my clothes and shoes have been scattered to the four winds. Make that the 4 bedrooms.

Whilst it began as fairly neat and tidy piles with some hanging racks and storage bins, with the changing of seasons and the general melee of life it's now a nasty old mess on the wardrobe front.

My good friend Helen who has been in my covid bubble if you like, has just acquired a business as a professional organizer. So when she offered to help I was like "bring it" as they say. Because the new dressing room wasn't quite ready, she literally had a rifle through the upstairs closets and ended up completely sorting and revamping my linen closet! My sister who when I regaled this plan to her told me the story of one of their nannies who with time to spare as the ankle-biters had remarkably all gone down to catch a few ZZZs, sorted out her linen closet. She also said she was a tad put out by it..... that was until she saw it! It was like a huge weight had been lifted and she could now see her sheets, duvets and towels. She stood open-mouthed and said to her nanny, how, what, why?? She shrugged apparently and said "I love doing this sort of thing"

And that's how my friend Helen is!! I've peered into her kitchen drawers when I don't think she's looking and marvel at her neatly arranged kitchen utensils, her freezer, her dressing table drawer, her bathroom cabinets.... Don't worry I have known her 15 years or so and I don't think she minds :-)

Anyway, I had the same experience as my sister. My linen cupboard looks so inviting I might just move in there!!

Oddly enough I do think my mind does feel less cluttered, more free, not as heavy. I just know it looks fabulous and if ever someone was playing to their strengths well, I have to ask why she hasn't done this sooner!?! One could argue not the best time perhaps to start a business, but she came over to house, fully masked, asked a few a questions et voila a linen cupboard I want to live in. My advice if you've ever thought about something like this but think it's too frivolous and you should be doing it yourself? Don't second guess it, just do it, if you haven't already got neat, tidy and organized cupboards, you won't start now.

Now of course, comes the hard part - like anything - maintenance!!!

But for now I am just revelling in the tidiness and wondering how long I can leave it before I change the sheets, towels, duvets ...... best I stick to dressing gowns heh?

Stay Postive, Stay Well, Stay Safe - Sophie x

P.S a wee reminder, it's Valentine's next week & if you're gifting to a loved one they'll probably appreciate a silk robe a smidge more than an organizing gift voucher, my advice get both xxx

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