Tis The Season For Jolliness

So here are some tips from SoffiaB which I hope may ease the stress a little of all the holiday preparations you may be experiencing!  It is often said when dealing with small children and animals, the best way to get the behavior you want is to reflect back to them that behavior – why should this be any different with adults?

- Popping an unruly relative into the pantry or larder is probably not the best, besides they’ll only eat all the food.

- If you’re hosting and want to change the menu to beef wellington, that is totally your prerogative, regardless of what Tarquin says!

- Quietly stuffing all the artisanal choccys into your mouth before the guests can get at them isn’t very friendly, leave the stuffing for the turkey, not you!

- Having plenty of bubbly beverages in the house really goes without saying – er duh, as your teenager might say, cue eyeball roll.

- Do not expect a lot of gratitude from the hordes of family that turn up, rather think of this as your act of selfless giving and ticking off a New Year’s resolution to be more charitable early.

- Gazing at Aunt Ceilia’s chin will only invite other chin-gazers, which is rude and might one suggest you’ve checked your own chin first for gravy, aforementioned chocolate, whiskers and the like.

- If all of your Mother’s long-held traditions don’t get repeated and someone complains, make sure you have the rule book of the holiday season to hand.  Then quote loudly at the complainer “in order to make a tradition, new ones need to be set often and without fear of reprisal” – it works every time.

- Do not forget the pets in your gifting, they will only pay you back later by loudly upchucking a fur-ball just as you’ve all sat down to Christmas dins.

- Give a decent hostess gift for goodness sake, candles are frankly a passé, poinsettias whilst beautiful lack imagination and even a side of smoked salmon is a tad 80s.  Gift something a bit more special like Marron Glacés and if the recipient doesn’t appear to know what they are, feel free to retrieve and eat them yourself they clearly won’t be appreciated!

- Answering the door in your SoffiaB luxury silk robe is perfectly acceptable, in your PJs not so much wink

- And lastly should you, oh miracle of miracles receive carol singers at your front door, do not under any circumstances burst into tears of holiday gratitude, it will scare them and they’ll run away!  Offer money, hot chocolate and mince pies in that order for another rendition of silent night.

And that wraps up (ho, ho, ho) our guide for the holiday season – enjoy darrhlings!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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