Top Ten Tips For A Jolly 4 July Celebration

First off we’ve always found significant quantities of lobsterease the pain of mixing with family and friends and trying to celebrate like you really mean it, as opposed to just being grateful for a day off work.

  1. And of course you might expect us to also say large libations of the alcoholic variety help too …… BUT ….. well it can all get a bit tricky so our suggestion is, mix up a sneaky cocktail or two and make the first batch good and strong – we of course adore a Pimms or 3 but depending on your guests some may find that to be in poor taste – a Sea Breeze type of thing always goes down well but anything that has a high fruit quota.  Then make the subsequent batches considerably weaker and I do mean considerably, so that your guests feel like you’ve spoiled them with a punchy beverage but you will be able to keep them all in check and ensure they’re all reasonably hydrated.
  2. And whilst we’re on the food and drink side of things, do make sure you have a bread roll for every person and then add another, so two rolls each.  Very important, one to sop up some of the alcohol if needed and the other to use in a bun fight should the need arise.  Points only awarded if you hit the person directly on the body, double points if you manage to knock their hat off!
  3. If BBQ-ing is your thing and you have more than 6 people invited, my advice hire a master-griller it’s all too easy to get distracted and either set the house on fire or give everyone a small bout of food poisoning.
  4. Given we all expect the weather to baking hot make sure the lake is clean enough to swim in, know the ankle-biters will pee in the swimming pool and have lots of ice buckets dotted around for afore mentioned cocktails, dogs and small children.
  5. Make sure all golf carts are charged up and the teens know they are on transport duty from car/jetty/field to party area and any surreptitious consumption of punch will be severely dealt with.
  6. Do not under any circs bring up politics obviously darrhlings – and whilst you’re at it perhaps leave aside the constitution as well.
  7. Provide plenty of blankets and umbrellas should it get chilly or rain and clear out the barn (horses can stay, pigs no) so if necessary everyone can retreat there.  If you’re planning to use the pool house for this purpose, get it thoroughly cleaned prior to the event, they tend to get forgotten about and then all sorts of incriminating evidence from the last party is discovered, usually by the guest who will be most offended!
  8. Footwear low to medium heels, shouldn’t have to say this but some do insist on wearing shoes with high, thin heels and then have to be hauled out of the grass by the host with a golf cart.  If you know your guests simply can’t stand the thought of anything less than 3 inches of heel I suggest you introduce Polo rules where all the spectators tramp in the divots after each chukka.

Lastly, should any of those pesky Brits turn up, just give them a cup of tea, preferably in a bone china tea cup and tell them to keep calm and carry on drinking.

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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