Traveling In Style

Perhaps it could mean travelling by the fastest, most exciting vehicle, Concord (when it was around), a power boat, an ATV?  Or perhaps it means dressed as though heading out for a fabulous occasion and leaving a trail of porters lugging your LV steamer trunks in your wake?

Perhaps it also depends on your age?  Most of us we have seen the travel posters and magazines when travel across the board was more refined and elegant, Orient Express, the Queen Mary and flights when you saw your pilot.  Of course whilst it all looks quite jolly, it took an absolute age to get anywhere which most of us would not tolerate these days.  If you’re a millennial it may mean private jet or better still space travel?  Or conversely it may mean your trusty Tesla or your Prius.

Having being fortunate enough to travel via a variety of modes…. My trusty steed, Orient Express, 1st class commercial plane, a Roller, on my own two footsies & tootsies, bicycle, road and mountain, private plane and of course everything else in between – I was once carried home via piggy-back from a friend’s Black Tie Birthday party by a very obliging chap.  I have come to realize that travelling in style is more about attire, specifically elegance and comfort.

Now admittedly some modes ie horse and cycle and feet, I wasn’t travelling any great distance but my point is when a lady travels it all comes down to one basic outfit.  One that carries across transport genres.

So I recommend a pair of low heels, 2ish” is about right, enough to be able to see over all the other heads in the customs queue, but not high enough to make your feet complain after 3 seconds.  They must be easy to slip on and off so you can put your feet up and tuck into your first G&T of the flight – oh and Security.  And unless you don’t mind I would always add socks of some kind, in case you’re asked to remove your shoes. 

Next I would say a stretchy, but close fitting pair of trousers preferably black leggings.  No one likes looking like a crumpled paper bag on arrival, plus they don’t leave marks on your skin should you have to wear something revealing on arrival.  I have specific ones I wear for long car journeys or flights that are excellent quality and will not leave you with baggy bum – that look’s for babies only!

Now the top part needs to be versatile and naturally it depends on where you’re heading, but layers are always good.  A spaghetti strap jersey top over your brassiere, why?  Because if you find yourself as I did last Winter galloping to get a flight, only for it to be delayed I can strip down and cool off effortlessly and still maintain decency.  Next a loose fitting shirt, again preferably something with a cotton/silk/lycra mix, non-wrinkly yet still breathable.  Please leave all the slimy sports gear with their “wicking” properties to the gymn – yuk, they just aren’t stylish outside of you and your personal trainer.  Now here comes the most important part.  I would suggest a gillet or sleeveless blazer, a waistcoat if you really can’t find the other two.  This will give you extra warmth but not the bulk of a coat.  Every year skiing I see those people who wear their jackets for the flights and think a) you’re mad and b) you look really funny and not in good way.  Then of course the pashmina which just about does everything.  Scarf, pillow, blanket, wrap, skirt, dress if you’re a tiny gal and breathes like a good’un so you never get too hot.

Hats are optional depending on where you’re heading to after arrival and also how your hair generally behaves.  Bags depend on your mode of transport, but I tend to carry the largest allowed.  Regarding the colour combinations, again I go for neutrals as a) they show the creases less b) they look smarter and c) they’re less noticeable should the paparazzi be following you.

This basic outfit has stood me and I have to say a ton of celebs in good stead for some years now and really does span the methods of travel, sometimes with a few adjustments here and there, but basically the same.  

This I know works pretty well for me so far, but I’d be interested to know if any of you have different clothes that work for you?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – Sophie

P.S.  And before you ask, no I didn’t wear that outfit on the Orient Express!

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