T'was The Week Before Valentine's ....

Call it a Valentine’s Checklist if you will…..


- Check the reservation (assuming you made one??)

If the above has failed to materialize call your Mother or another trusted source for ideas of what to cook

- If you’ve not so much as boiled an egg in your life thus far, find a personal chef pronto.  A home meal delivery service will suffice

- Trim your toenails.  No I’m not being salty, regardless of how well you know your Valentine, just do it anyway I can guarantee they need doing

- Make sure the babysitter/nanny is booked and bribed not to call off at the last minute, be ill or hand in their notice

- Ensure that work or daytime commitments know you are leaving and not contactable at a sensible hour.  The world will not stop without you.  Unless of course you have a life-saving profession, then you are necessarily excused

- Check for all nose, ear, throat, and eyebrow hair.  No Valentine likes to be distracted by a particularly wayward strand

- Ensure there is something original about your celebrations, small or large, just something that shows original thought.  

- If this evades you completely, buy a SoffiaB robe, she will "lurve" it!

- Should you not share an abode, make sure your place is tidy at the very least and the bathroom is clean

- Should you reside with your Valentine, make sure the place is tidy and the bathroom is clean – yes it is everyone’s responsibility regardless of whether it’s actually you that does it or not

- Make sure the bar is well stocked in case it all goes terribly wrong and everyone has to drown their sorrows

- If you’re currently unattached call your friends, find a bar and discuss the meaning of life also known as the latest football scores

- Oh and lastly trim your toenails!


  • Be your usual fabulous selves and enjoy! x

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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