Twinkle Toes

In fact I am still somewhat disbelieving of what I now own.  My best friend was sympathetic as she too had succumbed, my other best friend was horrified and my other best friend hasn’t yet commented.  My sister is like “no big deal, I live in them” – as if that’s a recommendation!  Even my long-suffering fiancé was mildly surprised……

You see it was something that is sooo not me, that I’d always rather scorned as something that a certain type of person wore that I couldn’t relate to and was in my mind nothing like me!                                                     

Why did I buy them then?  Well I’m not really sure.  If I think back, I saw them, almost liked them and thought they’d be useful.  And perhaps therein lies the nub of this – useful – when do you buy an article of attire for usefulness?  I buy because I luurrrve it, not for its practicality, not for its comfort, not for its usefulness – of course it does help if its secondary purpose is useful, like a chair or something.

Am I perhaps afraid that by wearing this item I might be perceived as a different sort of person?  Is it because they represent comfort first and foremost, as opposed to style and elegance?  Have I just a ridiculously slanted view of this item based on preconceived ideas?  How shallow am I?

Our clothes do define us, of course they do.  Because whatever one wears it says something about us as people.  Wearing a low cut dress may be saying “bring it on baby” or it maybe saying “I hope everyone sees my dress and not me”.  However, the message is actually sent not by the dress, but by us and how we’re feeling about ourselves.  Do we have the confidence to flaunt it or should we have perhaps worn something a little less flamboyant.  First impressions do count, they send a signal that may or may not lead to an initial interaction with another person or people.  Or in Liz Hurley’s case a career (see the link above).

Once we reach our middle-age our personal style is fraught with difficulties.  Is this too young for me?  Does this make me look older than I am etc etc?  So then why shouldn’t we break out and try something new, it’s all about how you wear it.  And what if we do invite a different “type” of person to interact with us, is that so bad?  I don’t think so, hopefully it opens up our perspective a bit.

So what did I buy after all this?  These!  Pathetic aren’t I and no I am not being paid for this as some sort of promotion.   Anyway I haven’t worn them yet as I don’t want to get them dirty (see above re practicality) so I’ll save them for Italy.  And in the meantime I’ll learn to get over myself!

Have you ever bought anything that so wasn’t you?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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