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What to wear when the dress code is unclear!

Last year we went to a particularly fabulous wedding. It was a second time around for both parties and the happiness emanating from the happy couple was palpable so overjoyed they seemed at finding another chance at love – it was simply wonderful and it’s still talked about a year later.

However, their guests eight weeks prior to the happy event were considerably less so, myself included! You see on the invitation the dress was and I quote “Country Casual”.  We all rather suspected this was the reason the invitations came out two weeks before the usual six to allow everyone to get in a panic, rush out and buy lots of outfits, get fed up and end up wearing something completely odd.

It wasn’t helped by the fact that the Bride posted on her FB page no jeans for the men at about four weeks in!

I researched online, I consulted friends, I discussed with other guests and in the end we were really none the wiser.  We didn’t really feel we could bother the Bride with “what shall I wear??” question without sounding like a hormonal teenager!

What we did know is that both Bride and Groom were horsey people and the wedding reception was in a stunning barn, sooo ……

I opted for a khaki leather dress that had long sleeves and a flared skirt, popped on high black patent heels (straw be damned!), matching black patent clutch and belt and off we sailed.

As I said the wedding itself was brilliant, charming, beautiful, unique and thoroughly enjoyable and so were all the guests outfits J  Yes, there was an array of styles and ensembles ranging from pure country cowboy/girl to rather smart evening dinner-wear. No one actually wore Black Tie or equivalent but it did stretch across the remaining gamut.

One of our friends who couldn’t be farther from “country” ended up, after buying about five different dresses, wearing a fun and flirty cocktail dress. Inappropriate, didn’t fit in?  Certainly not, because that’s who she is! That’s what she felt most comfortable in to honor the occasion of our friends’ marriage.

That’s really the point here, when the dress code is unclear go with what your gut is telling you is most appropriate and then what you feel most comfortable wearing to that wedding. Obviously this has to be based on venue, season, weather on the day and the type of people the happy couple are.

Could you wear your SoffiaB robe to a wedding? Styled correctly we think it’s highly possible! Better yet, why not give a SoffiaB robe to Bride as a unique gift to take on her honeymoon with her?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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