Why Are Mothers So Special

Many of you are already Mothers, will become Mothers, your friends are Mothers and hopefully you have a good relationship with your own Mothers.

Typically Mothers put their children and others before themselves.  Many work tirelessly to help their family, many put up with hardships and sacrifice for their children.  I think we all recognize  that.

What isn’t written so much about is the collective power of Mothers and maybe sometimes this group doesn’t realize it itself?  When you stop to consider the fierce passion and unconditional emotion, then group that energy together and suddenly you have this massive, uniquely powerful group of women who can above all, make change happen.

Some examples we know about include Mothers Against Drink Driving here in the US, the Mummy & Me groups all across the western world providing support to each other, the Mothers in Egypt who took  to the streets to protest against the political suppression, the group of 200 Mothers who staged a sit-in at café in UK, after one was verbally abused by a waitress, the Mothers who won’t buy a product they deem too risky or too unsafe, and suddenly the Retailer is hit with plummeting sales and bad reviews.

And once these groups get in motion it is hard to stop that visceral power of Mothers making change happen.  You may ask why don’t we see this very often?  Well when did you last see a Mother with time to spare?  They usually come together when all else has failed or it is in protest against something that has a direct impact on their family.

Marketers are recognizing this group, and their buying power, but perhaps viewed more from a baby and child perspective as opposed to once a Mother always a Mother.  Just because your child is grown doesn’t mean the power of the collective voice is diminished.

Is my Mother powerful, yes!  Not perhaps in an obvious way but I realized what a fantastic role model she is, but not until my early 30s.  It doesn’t mean we don’t have disagreements, but when I look back at her strength and courage to pursue her love for my Father, to have a career and of course to raise my sister and me – I have the utmost respect.

I gave my Mother flowers for Mother’s Day, it was in March a full 2 months ahead of the US and whilst that was a tad lame, she loved them.  How I wish I had created SoffiaB a little earlier in my life, so that I could give her something that was uniquely special like her.  Something that gave her a little comfort, something that wrapped her up in warmth at the end of the day like she did to us.

So maybe your Mother isn’t on the frontline of adversity or protesting against a particular dictate she disagrees with, but stop a moment and think about her.  What she has accomplished (like ensuring you finished that college degree), what she sacrifices daily (time for herself), the people she helps (family, friends and her Cause) and I suspect you’ll see the Mothers in your life do many things that are powerful, life changing and selfless.

For all the Mothers, have a lovely Mother’s Day - best wishes Sophie

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