Why Our Luxury Robes Are Made in the Garment District

We get many enquiries asking of we’d like to manufacture our robes in China and whilst many of these factories look quite ok as you can see, this wasn’t the quality that SoffiaB sought.  If you look closely enough you can see the toweling and fleece robes hung up, not the beautiful silk robes we were creating.

SoffiaB makes full length robes for women, specifically luxury, high quality robes.  It was only natural we decided our production needed to be one, in the US and two specifically somewhere that had the experience and expertise to produce not just a cotton spa robe or a short terry cloth robe, but luxurious silk, full length robe.

So the Garment District was the obvious choice.  If you’ve not been to the Garment District, it is a worth a quick visit, not for the cafes and boutiques, because there are none, but for the history.

If you stand on West 7th or West 10th and look up at what look to be office blocks, you will see not only desks with computers, but hanging rails, some machines, clothes, fabric and know that in one building over twelve floors maybe multiple companies.

In the late 1800s the Garment District was a thriving, buzzing place where all manner of clothes were produced and many people with many skills were employed.  As with a lot of industries company heads and owners were always looking at ways to increase profits.  As the world became a smaller and smaller place, opportunities to produce your cotton spa robe in India, Hungary or China became easier and easier.  With employment costs so low, it actually made sense for companies to move that part of production overseas.

However over time, the consumer and particularly our clients are a sophisticated and informed group, who don’t care for the often poor working conditions of overseas factories, they are environmentally conscious and view the throw away clothing culture with distaste. 

Our customers are seeking high quality bathrobes.  Fortunately some enlightened designers including Caroline Herrera, Nanette Lapore and others set about reigniting the talent and businesses in the Garment District some 20 years ago and today whilst it might not be quite as busy as the early 1900s it is a resurging business, arts, clothing and manufacturing district.

SoffiaB is thrilled to part of this exciting community albeit in a small way and proud our luxury silk robes are made here in the US.  It is part of who we are as a company, some of the essence of our brand, designed by a Brit, made in the USA.

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – Sophie

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