You Say Tomayto & I Say

Tomarrto of course I do!

This past weekend with the advent of Autumn or Fall as they say Stateside, I experienced Apple Fritters.  Not exactly a huge revelation I know. However what was new was the sheer size of the beast, and goodness, nothing like I was expecting!!

You see apple fritters to us Brits are basically slices of apple dipped in batter and then lightly fried.  Our Mother, who despite being a rather classic English lady in many ways, was a bit stingey when it came to the good stuff.  She never allowed us much in the way of sweets, jumped on the “hippie” (her words not mine) brown rice/bread/pasta bandwagon with gusto and fed us tons of veg, eggs, full fat milk and meat from the butcher, but not much in the way of baked goods! So in living memory I think she made apple fritters twice in our lives, maybe 3 at a push.

Much to her disgust when McDonald’s first arrived across the pond and they had those fried apple pocket things we begged her to allow us them as a treat, promptly burned our whole mouth and that was that – apple fritters/pockets done and dusted.

But I have fond memories……!

So imagine my delight when celebrating Autumn’s arrival Stateside we went to get apple fritters or something that was being advertised as such?

OMG how did that happen, how can two things be called the same and look and taste so completely different and in fact I’m not sure one even has apple in it!?! Maybe apple juice somewhere in the making??

It made me laugh and reminded me of that wonderful, timeless quote:

“We have really everything in common with America nowadays except, of course, language”

                                                                                                                                                                                - Oscar Wilde

Once I recall her making doughnuts which were delicious, but that was a once in a lifetime event too!

Have you had any similar experiences, food or otherwise when you were expecting one thing and got another?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – Sophie

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