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The following post appeared on www.fashionresidence.com on March 15, 2013

The bedroom is one of the most sacred places in our home. There is something very special about this room and it is very important how we are spending our time there and especially how we are dressed.
So why not wear something really special? A beautiful and comfy dressing gown always makes a difference. And the best place to look for dressing gowns and robes is SoffiaB. SoffiaB is founded by Sophie Burkart, who created a collection of high quality silk robes and dressing gowns. The collection is for those of you who want to look gorgeous and feel fabulous. It is inspired by the uniqueness of the world around us, from the nature- the hot desserts, the blue skies, the stars.
I fell in love with the Daphne Collection and would love to have some of the gowns for myself. They are just simply beautiful.
When you need a little luxury in your bedroom give it yourself. These divine gowns will make you feel like you are in heaven and I think every one of us deserve a quality piece like this.
It’s never been so easy to feel glamorous.
What do you think about the collection? Which luxury robe is your favorite?
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