The Foxley Emporium Partnership

SoffiaB is delighted to announce, their first ever partnership that gives clients the ability to purchase SoffiaB luxury silk robes via another vehicle  The Foxley Docket a UK based luxury publication for the high-net-worth population has recently launched their own on-line "emporium" featuring British brands that create all things luxury.  From handbags to watches to items for the home to robes and dressing gowns.  The Foxley Docket has long been a wonderful supporter of SoffiaB and featured SoffiaB in one of their early editions.  Matthew Fairhurst the Managing Director of The Foxley Docket says "we are looking for British brands who have something special to offer" .  To see more go to Foxley's Emporium for the full range of products available, as well as the Persephone Collection from SoffiaB.