Does A Good Night's Sleep Require More Than A Spiffy Robe

A good night’s sleep is predicated by many things including, but not limited to…

- food consumed prior to shut-eye

- blankets, duvets, pillows and all bed accoutrements (see previous)

- drinkies drunk within three hours of nighttime

- garments adorning the bod

- the jolly old weather

- and last but not least your bedroom décor

There have been studies, unsurprisingly and it would seem a blue color scheme comes out tops across most research.  Then depending on which study you choose to read we have a divergence of yellows, oranges and silvers or greens, greys and whites coming into 2nd, 3rd and 4th – really??

Not helpful is it!  We’re all different and we have different likes and dislikes.  After all some of you like short robes, some of you like full length robes.  Some of you like toweling robes (can’t think why personally) some of you like cotton short robes, some of you only wear a bathrobe.  And then of course there are those superb people who love a luxury, silk robe smiley

You see we all have different motivators, including colors that appeal to us.  I am not partial to a blue bedroom myself and whilst I’ve fallen asleep in many blue hotel rooms, guest rooms, beach rooms and beautiful blue rooms it would never be a color I would choose to decorate my own boudoir!

So I tend to think the décor in one’s bedroom should be geared to what motivates you to relax.  Ask yourself the following five …..

- does the overall colour scheme make me feel at ease?

- is the layout of the furniture calming for my mind?

- do the walls feel cluttered or just right?

- are the bedclothes calling me?

- does the lighting make me feel comforted?

How you answer these questions are irrespective of colour or taste or brightness or how many paintings you have on the walls or whether you have a jungle full of plants.  The main answer should be yes, my bright red walls actually feel warm and good to me, yes my bed in the middle of the room makes me feel free and my Mother’s Scandinavian quilt wraps me in memories.

Whatever your choices of décor are, the important thing are the feelings it evokes and if those feelings are calmness, serenity, comfort and peace then regardless of color, style of furniture and anything else, your bedroom will help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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