Resolving To Keep The Resolution

Let me rephrase that, will I be wearing my robe OUT this year?  Answer, more than likely and not just because it’s the in thing to do right now.

No, you see I’ve made a New Year’s resolution, the same as last year and the year before so some of you will recognize it!  My resolution is to shop and ergo wear my wardrobe in 2018!  What was I thinking, I know!?!

Madness – most certainly!  But the time has come the walrus said to talk of many things ... no wait I’ve gone off down the wrong narrative.  Sorry, sorry getting carried away!  So how did I come to be on this tortuous path, well having a wee bit of reflection time after the fam had departed I realized I really must heed my own advice, all of it.

Yes I buy clothes of quality but I don’t necessarily buy less and I end up with 18 pairs of black trousers and 24 black sweaters and 14 pairs of leopard print shoes, some of which look unnervingly similar!  This is such a waste and really very irresponsible.

When discussing with my sister her potential resolutions, she made the comment of “I’m not making any I can’t achievewhich at the time seemed a tad defeatist, but on further consideration, she may have a point.  It has been scientifically proven that making lists and crossing things off it (having accomplished the task of course) is incredibly motivating and jolliness inducing.  Apparently it activates dopamine which we all know is the feel good chemical our brain produces.  I am thinking resolutions are very much in the same vein.

Problem is, lists typically have a short timeframe and resolutions don’t!!

My BFF asked were there any qualifying purchases and even that stumped me a little so abundant is my closet.  I will absolutely need a new pair of riding boots and I may need a new pair of running shoes but that's about it, even the dullest of clothes or should I say the most practical, I seem to have a lot of.

Willpower?  It’s not as though I lack willpower or discipline …. I won’t bore you with examples, no the problem is luvvies I love clothes, love wearing clothes and don’t want a small wardrobe.  However my life unlike say Kate or Kim does not, sadly, require an extensive wardrobe even though as previously written, I have one!  Sigh.

So yes you shall be seeing me in my short robe, our Delphine Shortie probably as a beach cover up and yes you shall be seeing me using the Persephone womens dressing gown as a Spring jacket and you may even see me wearing a Daphne, our full length robe, out to dins …… because after all lovely people, why not?

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions and if you have, are you keeping to them?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie



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