Foxhounds And Turkey Legs

We have a foxhound who is probably the best hound ever …. Not that I’m biased of course. When we adopted her they said she messes her cage and is not really trainable. My beloved said she’s either unwell, unhappy or both and both can be resolved!

She is as I said the best hound ever who’s not once had an accident! She fervently dislikes UPS, FedEx and is not overly fond of the postman. Plus she’s not particularly enamored with other dogs but she often likes a golden retriever mix. Best hound ever.

I used to run a lot with her (see #runningoffthecake), but would complain there was too much sniffing and we’d have to stop for bathroom breaks yadda, yadda, yadda.

So then a few years ago we got the pink dog who is a hound/pit-bull cross, obviously billed as a “hound mix” but we don’t care, she’s a doll! She’s also a doll with a fine pair of turkey legs!

So I’m thinking fabulous with those legs we’ll be able to run and run.... There are two morals to this story in case you were wondering:

1) Appreciate what you have, for what it is and love it dearly

2) Whilst not one to advocate comparisons unless you’re buying appliances, on occasion it gives us an unexpected jolt to really see things for the good they are

Because as you’ve probably guessed the pink dog really, really dislikes running. She’s trailing behind me and the hound, complaining. If she wasn’t so sweet she’d have a look of resentment on her face, but hers is one of resignation.

My hound was and still is, an excellent running companion as well as being the best hound ever and we’ve more or less agreed that sniffs and bathroom stops are for warm up and cool down.

My pink dog is a sweetheart who despite being not that fond of running is adorable and I love her, turkey legs and all.

Have a lovely holiday season, be safe and a gentle reminder that most of us have so much so be grateful for, including the turkey legs!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – Sophie

P.S. Last domestic ship date is Friday 13 December UPS Ground, UPS Domestic Next Day Air and DHL international final ship date is Thursday 19 December 2019

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