Goals, Goals And More Goals

First of all let me wish you all a very happy new year!! I do hope your holidays were peaceful, calm and joyful ….

It’s good to be back isn’t it!!???!

Sometimes after all that loveliness going back to “work” whatever it may be, can be hard, not because it’s bad necessarily, but because for many of us the holiday season represents a break from the norm. And the saying a change is as good as a rest is upheld.

There’s also an awful lot of stuff going around about goals, new year, new you, making a plan, putting it into action etc etc –sometimes the pressure to have made a plan, come up with a goal, be a new you etc can be exhausting?

What about I’ll just slide in gently to the new year, I have some plans but plans change and I need to be flexible – does that sound all right? I expect you can tell someone is still a tad hazy on her goals, objectives and targets for 2020 :-))

Don’t worry I’m not going to be harping on about personal motivation or lamenting my lack of crystalized plans, no I’m going to tell you about a friend of mine.

She’s lovely this friend, really lovely. Always seems to be cheerful and positive, but is real and realistic and often very funny. I’ve not known her for that long, but would characterize her as a good bean!

She entered into her own business a few years ago via a sort of franchise operation. The business was in a field she had little knowledge of, she had to learn a ton of new skills and she had to present herself in a very different way. In addition she had to offer advice to her clients. She has a mentor who was very successful and of course she compared herself, but her mentor had been in the business for ten years plus. We talked about our respective businesses in the course of getting to know one another and I admired her willingness to take a risk a do something different; something very much outside her comfort zone.

At the beginning of last year I think it was, she set herself a goal around reach and revenue. She had long admired our robes and so decided, to my absolute delight, that if she reached that goal she was going to buy herself a SoffiaB robe!

Well end of November she asked to come and try on a few robes to decide which color she was going to get!!

Isn’t that the best story? Woman does something new, decides to be successful, rewards herself with longed for luxury.

My moral of this story? Yes goals, plans, targets etc all good, in fact I always insist upon them, but remember it’s not just about goals and more goals. It’s about enjoying the moment when you reach those targets too! About rewarding yourself when you achieve what you set out to do and knowing at the beginning what that reward will be, then taking it!

Sounds like motivation to me ….. happy new year!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – Sophie

P.S. these pics are her enjoying her new robe!

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