Give It A Whirl

I remember as a child there were very definitive things I did and did not care for, mostly around food as you might suspect. But there were other things too and as I’ve grown up, matured etc etc I’ve done a 180 as they say on quite a number of them. For example …..

Watercress couldn’t stand it – LOVE it now

- Surprises oh yes please – please don’t give me a surprise I’m really not a fan

- Raisins in cereal would be picked out diligently – very tasty thank you

- Wearing pajamas as a wee young’un I had a few pairs – this actually changed very early on at around 5 or 6 years old think and now I don’t even care for jumpsuits


And then there are something that have remained consistent….


- Endive ugh, no matter what you stuff it with

- Camping, never been and have no desire then or now to give it a whirl

- Raisins in coleslaw I’m so sorry BFF I don’t know why

- Wearing a robe or dressing gown at least twice a day


The consistent ones aren’t half as interesting as the 180s I feel, after all this list could go on and on! The 180s however beg the questions why have I gone from one significantly steadfast position to the complete opposite? Has this been that my taste has changed, that I’ve opened up to new things, has something changed in my brain that says this experience is enjoyable or this taste is now something you like?


Do you have similar things that as a child you couldn’t stand and now you love or at least like a fair bit? And if anyone knows or has any theories on the scientific piece I’d definitely be interested!!


Anyway lovelies I’m off now to experience my dressing gown, surprise, surprise J


Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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