He Who Laughs Last

SB:  Mr Armani thank you so much for agreeing to see me, I am honored!

GA:  Not at all the pleasure is all mine.

SB:  Gosh, well thank you.  Um so how does it feel to be in the fashion and design business for as long as you have?  Not that it’s very at all really, you’re so young just very experienced and….

GA:  Bella!  It is ok I have been around for quite a while and for that I am very fortunate, but I never rest on my olive trees.

SB:  Laurels?

GA:  Scusami, Bella?

SB:  Surely you mean never rest on your laurels?

GA:  No, I don’t think I do.  I am Italian Bella as I think you’ve guessed….?

SB:  Oh goodness yes of course, wonderful, wonderful!

GA:  Hmmmn grazie, but my point is I am Italian and Julius Caesar one of the greatest historical figures from my home he wore a crown of laurel and for me a mere designer to be resting on them would be very disrespectful, no?

SB:  Ooooh-kay, I see where you’re coming from.  Olives, all good, symbol of peace and all that, excellent.  So why do you think you’ve been able to last as long as you have.  I mean continue your career for such a great length of time?

GA:  Because I came to this later in life, I appreciate it all the more.  We must work hard all the time with dignity, compassion and striving to do our very best.  Then you may, just may find the success you want.  There is too much quickness these days, everything must be now, be quick!  But creativity takes gentle persuasion, it doesn’t happen overnight.  I am 83 I did not happen overnight!

SB:  Do you think the fashion industry should slow down then?

GA:  I do not know the answer to that, part of progress is the ability to do things faster I suppose.  I worry we do not appreciate the work, time and effort it takes to create something beautiful whether it be a jacket, a painting, a meal or even a relationship.

SB:  Almost like stopping to smell the roses a bit more.  Do you think we as individuals can do much about this?

GA:  Yes!  I tell men and women all the time, invest in your apparel.  Make sure you have good, quality pieces that can be coaxed into many years of differing trends and look closely at the workmanship, skill, value the thought that goes into their making!

SB:  Just to change the subject slightly….

GA:  No, Bella, no.  We look nothing alike and you insult us both greatly, that will not do!!

SB:  Sorry, yes that was rubbish wasn’t it, I’ve been having a little fun with it that’s all, but sorry, sorry, poor show.  And especially when you’ve been so kind calling me beautiful all the time.

GA:  Beautiful?  Well I thought you said your name was Sophia-Bella?

SB:  SoffiaB, my company, SoffiaB?  I guess that was wishful thinking about the beautiful bit, oh well.  Thank you and so lovely to have met you Mr Armani.

GA:  Ha, ha, ha, arrivederci Bella!

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