Profile Of A Tea Totaller

It came as a bit of a surprise or maybe I was just in denial?  Do any of these ring any bells with you……?

- They are in the middle part of their life-span

- Generally social beasts that congregate in groups either within their dwelling or outside it

- Living environment tend to be highly populated areas, but cases have been seen in less densely lived areas

- They exercise regularly even if to date they’ve existed in sedentary pursuits

- We are seeing their diet also takes a veer off into hitherto unchartered patterns.  Whilst they may think that their previous diet was healthy, there seems to be a realization that they really need to begin to or increase their consumption of grains, whole foods and reduce the intake of meat. 

- Some of the species we find at this point will cut out meat from their diet altogether.  This subset are called Vegetarians and Vegans.

- The species is predominantly female, although we have found a few of the males, but they typically don’t last long, at this point for reasons unclear and further study is needed.

- From a mating standpoint we’ve found single, co-habiting, married and females with children

- Interestingly often this creature goes through a period, sometimes sustained over many years, where their alcohol consumption and cake ingestion increases considerably.  There are a number of conditions this can be attributed to Motherhooditus, Marriagehiccupus, Careeritus and Parentalitus.

- She has also typically given up smoking, if she did it at all – quelle horreur!


Typical activities include but are not limited to....

- When getting ready for an evening out, a cup of tea is on her dressing table

- At the end of a dinner party she’s hosting tea and coffee are offered after dins with a secondary options of port, brandy & other liqueurs.

- Friday nights are usually quieter affairs than previous years

- Lunchtime imbibing is saved for the weekends and holidays only, with a quick sherry before lunch

- There’s more Early Grey in their house than Sauvignon Blanc

- And curling up on the sofa with a good book and a cup of tea is their idea of bliss


Yes lovelies, suddenly, overnight and without apparent warning we’ve become the sensible ones!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous

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