Luxe Loungewear Favorite Finds

As Autumn stealthily happens upon us even we can be persuaded to include a few additional items of luxe loungewear to our wardrobes.  Here are some favourite finds for your perusal….

Cashmere Collectibles - Pure Collection

Relaxed Things - The White Company

Drapey Things - PJ Harlow

Kaftans because, well why not - Sleepy Jones

Lounge Suits and so much more - Sleeper

Nightdresses or nighties also effectionately known as - Three Graces

Attire from night to day - Yolke

Some of you may be thinking but these are your competition!?!  Yes and no, it’s true some of these companies do make robes and dressing gowns too, but we are all about quality and personally I love the other items of luxe loungewear these brands create.

And I always say, if in doubt buy a SoffiaB luxury robe for overall sleep joy, of that I am certain!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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