The Seven Sins Of Luxury

Well here’s what we’ve come across:

1) The item brands itself as “luxury” but really it’s only the price that is luxury.  So often I have come across items that are priced well over the workmanship that goes into creating the item

2) It’s easily available.  So often mass availability of an item or experience negates the fact that it’s a luxury item.  Luxury by the very definition of the word means it is something occasionally sought, bought or available

3) A luxury item is treated by the purchaser as a throw away item.  This happens more so with items versus experiences.  But regardless of one’s fortune, forgetting or overlooking the beauty and craftsmanship that went into creating a luxury item is unforgiveable, most luxury items and certainly here at SoffiaB, are crafted with love and respect

4) Affordable luxury – is there such a thing, by whose definition?  If you see something marketed as affordable luxury, it’s probably not very luxurious

5) Label love, anyone remember the crocodile epidemic of the 80s?  So sad Lacoste became so popular there were nefarious people selling bags of crocodiles to iron onto your substandard polo.

6) Buying for brand recognition as opposed to love.  I’ve been tempted with the best of them, we get dazzled by owning a so and so, but why purchase a JB Star, when one can purchase a pre-loved beauty and have the magic of the story behind it?

7) And lastly and perhaps most importantly quality and service.  Quality is paramount when it comes to luxury.  I’ve stayed in “luxury hotels where trying to get my paws on more nespresso pods has been like trying to get early access to the Harrods sale ie non-negotiable for mere mortals.  The item or experience has to be 110% quality crafted or curated, with the most impeccable service to accompany it, otherwise the luxury item / experience is tainted beyond repair.

Perhaps there is an eighth sin now I think about it more fully?  Thinking that money can buy you the luxury of true love, time, respect, peace or immortality.  Need I go on?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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