In just a week’s time or so it will be Valentine’s.  I can see you paling already and the thought of “what, who’s she kidding I’ve got loads of time”.  Well theoretically you do, you have time to nip out the day before and buy your lady love something she’ll politely discard at best and at worst something she may well hit you over the head with.

Trust me, I’m a woman, I know these things!

And because some of you now may be huffing and puffing at my insolence and attack on your personal taste, let me explain.  It is known fact in my circle of friends and family that I am partial to a little bit of leopard, or zebra or giraffe in fact most animal prints if I’m honest.  So my dearly beloved early on in our relationship saw and bought this black leather and leopard print handbag – couldn’t go wrong could he!?!  However at that stage I don’t think he realized what a fusspot I was, am.  You see whilst in theory the handbag was super and it was lovely, I would never use it for these reasons.  Too small for starters, the strap was braided which isn’t polished enough for my style and the hardware ie zipper and stuff were silver, I only do gold.

I can see you’re having a complete sense of humour failure and yes so did he!

So instead what you could do is point your finger or mouse in the direction of SoffiaB, a little luxury in the bedroom.  I see you’re perking up a bit now with the mention of luxury and bedroom.  And so you should, SoffiaB makes luxury silk robes out of New York, which are hand stitched, come in a gorgeous variety of prints and colours and could be winging their way over to you as we speak.

How do I know this?  I designed them.  Tired with looking like the Michelin man in my huge toweling robe or alternatively greeting the postman in my unmentionables, I needed a robe that made me look gorgeous as well as feel fabulous.  SoffiaB robes do just that, they are made of silk but are also lined with ultra soft cotton, so they caress the skin beautifully.  Not one of these nasty, flimsy cotton bathrobes.

Slip in the fact they’re limited edition, Daphne and Delphine collections, so only she and just a few others around the world have the same silk robe and watch her slip into sensual delight.  And the best part chaps, they come already gift wrapped, so you don’t have to!

Now for the dull but important facts, go to to browse both collections, choose a size from XS, S, M or L and email for questions.  No, you don’t need to thank me, it’s been a pleasure!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie


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