We Know Sleep At Least We Thought We Did

The other day I wrote about 180s when something you previously had a very firm opinion on, suddenly you realize almost overnight you have the exact opposite opinion?

I am known by long standing friends and family for being a big sleeper, for being a night owl and for having a hard time wrapping my head around early mornings! Well of late it appears this also has been a major 180 for me and yet interestingly I am still getting up at roughly the same time in the mornings.

Throughout my corporate career it was typically a 6.30am beginning in order for me to make it out of the door presentable and on my commute to work. My goodness was this painful, physically painful. I felt nauseous when waking and struggled to get out of bed. Only really feeling normal once I was in the car and off.

I went to bed around 10.00-10.30pmish. On the weekends however I would stay up until the wee hours and then sleep in until 10.00am or 11.00am depending if anyone woke me? Loved it!! That feeling of luxuriousness knowing you’ve worked hard, then partied hard, then slept hard – deeelicious!

Then Monday would rear its ugly head and I’d be back to feeling dreadful every week day morning. By the way I’d like to add here, there was no alcoholic libations involved during the week. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I already felt lousy enough every morning without wanting to add alcohol into the mix. I needed a clear head!

I came to accept, grudgingly, that I was a night person only and mornings and I were just not meant to be.

Today having SoffiaB I still continue to surface around 6.30am, but instead of staggering into the shower I trot off to exercise.

This is something I never in a million years thought I would be doing – see previous description of how ill I felt getting up – and yet here I am. I don’t feel physically sick upon waking at that time or should I say the alarm going off. I can manage to get out of bed and off I go. I still go to bed around the 10-10.30pm timeframe unless there’s a special occasion at the weekend. And on the times when I don’t have to get up I still wake at 6.30amish?

And you know lovelies I have absolutely no idea why this has change has occurred. Why are mornings suddenly more agreeable? I am not sleeping any better or worse. I still love the evenings and actually do my best, clearest thinking at that time.

I am seeing a lot more sunrises which has been delightful and that fresh time of the morning as everything is stirring is really quite magical. I always loved mornings just couldn’t bear the pain of greeting them!

As they say over here “go figure?”

Has anyone found this happen to them, either way? Or does anyone have any idea why this might have transpired?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – Sophie 

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