A Flowery Flurry

Today is the beginning of Chelsea Flower Show a simply stunning and gorgeous affair at the Chelsea Royal Hospital put on by the Royal Horticultural Society – no prizes for guessing their patron!

You will no doubt have seen Kate, Wills, their delightful ankle-biters and HM Queen out and about today and a whole bunch of other members of The Fam attending. (Oh and then there was the time we spotted a relly in company of royalty....)

It is a quintessentially English thing in the middle of London in what is really a very small plot of land but what gets crammed in by the most ingenious horticulturists, gardeners and organizers is incredible. And what’s more at the end of the five days or so, a lot of the plants and flowers are up for grabs!! You can watch lucky Chelsea-goers staggering out of the gates with pots, trees, armfuls of flowers, hopping on a bus, stuffing it all into a taxi and loading up the car – it’s hilarious.

Having just bought 5 rhododendron bushes when I went out for pansies I could really do with some virtual bargains – by the way I understand pansies are now over and I actually planted petunias last year, I just thought there for a moment they were pansies – do you see why I need to attend Chelsea immediately??

It struck me though having been hauled around practically every Stately home in England as a small child, so many of them have simply fabulous gardens, my appreciation of gardens and now gardening, was founded at a very early age. Oh and a love of chocolate sponge cake – because we always ranked the Stately by its tea facilities, naturellement!

But what also struck me was how many of the prints I have chosen for our robe collections are flower and flower inspired, no geometric design for this gal? In fact grand total of 8 prints out of 21 - who would have thought?

Flowers and plants and Spring have long brought feelings of renewal and joy, so if you get a chance to see any of Chelsea, the displays, the individual gardens and the various persons of note, I highly recommend it and by any media  and means possible!

So if you’re out and about around town next weekend and see a flowery flurry or perhaps  a tree walking towards you don’t be alarmed it’s probably just a lucky shopper from Chelsea.

Have a very jolly rest of your Spring lovelies and don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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