Old Westbury

The other day we donated to a benefit for Old WestburyGardens out of New York. It all came about in rather an odd way.

One of the chaps I follow on Instagram is a rather smashing fellow by the name of Tom Samet – who I believe is an interior designer extraordinaire. Now I don’t know him nor does he follow us sadly, but he seems like a SoffiaB kind chap! He’s humble amusing, got great style and has a lovely partner – all in and around the Hamptons. It was actually his partner who asked for donations to the Old Westbury event as they were honoring him – how lovely as Tom Samet remarked – to be honored whilst still alive!

And whilst this was all very jolly, we get tons of requests for a robe for the silent auction as you can imagine. But it was rather Old Westbury itself that spoke to me, which is simply stunning, if quite young relatively speaking. As per my previous post having been brought up on a diet of Statelies ie Stately Homes across the pond and been dragged around each and every one of them in the UK. I have a love and adoration of these gorgeous magnificent homes and their gardens.

Since moving across the pond this appreciation and respect has only increased! To my mind there seems to be a contradiction or internal fight amongst the preservation bigwigs of this country. Most of the people I meet love tracing their ancestry and heritage and often remark how many wonderful historic buildings there are across the pond! They recount their first visit to Italy with deserved reverence!

And yet when it comes to historical architecture here, it seems a little laissez faire? Both Charleston and Savannah were due to be torn down and redeveloped but were saved by a group of determined (and of course, wealthy, ladies). Just the other day a superb schoolhouse that I came across not far from Philadelphia, dating back to the 1800s was razed for a car park, a school car park ….. but really?? In the same area a wee stone church that was delightful and probably around the same era suffered the same fate! I really don’t understand…..?

Anyway I miss these gorgeous places, the architecture, the history and their gardens. It doesn’t help that my sister recently went to a Birthday do at Downton Abbey ie Highclere – jealous? Me, never said Pinocchio!

I spoke to one the organizers and she too had been brought up in and around Old Westbury and could completely relate to what I inferred. I remarked to her “isn’t it funny what shapes us?”

One of our early lovely clients emailed me with “I love playing lady of the manor in my SoffiaB dressing gown” YES!! She captured it brilliantly because not many of us can live in one of these Stately homes but popping on our SoffiaB silk robe and wafting around lets our imagination run wild – isn’t is funny what shapes us!?!

Yes I miss my family and BFFs pond-side but at least I can speak to them regularly and Facetime if I want to see their wee chops, pop over a few times a year etc but I can’t recreate the sights and smells of the countryside, the beauty of a stately architecture or a Capability Brown garden … isn’t it funny what shapes us.

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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