... I've left you alone for a bit!

Although maybe you've enjoyed the peace & quiet :-)

So much going on in our world I was at a bit of a loss of quite what to say & ended up not saying 'hello' to you at all. Then as so often happens, one of our wonderful clients not only bought her 3rd robe, but sent me a wonderful note as shown here!

So often as consumers we think to ourselves "oh wasn't that great" or we may, just may talk about our experience with a friend. More often than not it's when something not so jolly happens that we're most vocal. I feel so very fortunate our kind & considerate clients & customers often take a moment to drop me a wee email.

I can't explain without sounding like a bit of a twit, just how that makes me feel - but I do want to say thank you, thank you very much!

Please, please keep it coming, I love hearing from all of you about the good, the not so good & the really not very good at all :-) 

Stay well, stay positive, stay safe - Sophie

p.s. and yes so sorry she bought the last shortie in this poppy perfection print, but we have the longies!?! 

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