It Really Is Very Strange Isn't It?

How is everyone? Are you doing ok? I do hope so!

Even as some of us ease back into real life, the real life we knew before has definitely changed but if you don't mind I won't dwell on that here. Today I'm thinking about ourselves.

This enforced period in our homes has been an opportunity for more self-care than we might've had previously. Because of you know what, we've been forced to slow down & take a bit more time in everything, including me-time, or perhaps you're finally having me-time? Activities like taking a bath versus a shower, going for a walk as opposed to the gymn, reading a book instead of scrolling through facebook etc etc - it's the proverbial stop & smell the roses if you like. So here's my question has your self-care increased or decreased during this time?

Stay safe, stay well, stay positive - Sophie xx

P.S. talking of baths vs showers did you know our robes & dressing gowns have cotton linings which I am happy to say are perfect whichever way you choose to bathe :-)

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