How Much Is Too Much?

The other day I was asked by a lovely client how often should she dry clean her SoffiaB robe? My goodness a perfectly reasonable question - of course I didn't have a straight forward answer for her.

As she rightly pointed out, it depends on your lifestyle. It depends on if you wear nightclothes underneath it, it depends on whether you let the dog sit on your lap whilst wearing it etc etc. 

One thing I did reiterate though. Our robes & dressing gowns are meant for wearing!!! They are not meant for special occassions, carefully stored until the time is right. ABSOLUTELY NOT - wear them, love them & enjoy them!!
What I will say perhaps for the first time in my life, when it comes to dry cleaning of our robes (& anything really), less is definitely more.

We have a dry cleaner that does organic dry cleaning, but still just the process alone can eventually take a toll on natura fabrics. My lovely client advised to this point, that she often home steams a lot of her clothes. Which to my mind seems imminently sensible.

Stay Positive, Stay Well, Stay Safe - Sophie xxx

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