Clearing Out The Cobwebs

During this trip I once again pursued the seemingly out of reach goal of mastering the moguls with a degree of finesse.  Previous years I have been dogged in my determination to achieve this goal.  It is one thing to get down a mountainside of moguls, but completely another to do with an air of elegance and graceful technique – the skiers amongst you will empathize or laugh with me I’m sure!

Anyway our trip was a tad different this year in that whilst we had the same early morning flights, staying in the same hotel, we were meeting up with an old friend upon arrival.  Our first few days were pretty nonstop, meeting new people, dinner parties, skiing with 9 year olds, trips to the bakery - all excellent fun!

Monday saw lessons for me and my delightful instructor for some reason complimented me on my improved skiing skills, particularly in those dastardly bumpy things!  Well how odd I thought, given I’ve not done any skiing since he saw me last year, but I brushed that thought aside as I was thoroughly enjoying myself.

As you know pride comes before a fall and I did indeed crash and burn rather savagely resulting in a rather painful shoulder, which tempered my all round ski-bunny attitude but I might hasten to add, not my skiing activity.

However rather than dwelling on the single rubbishy event I began to think about the previous three days and why my skiing had so dramatically improved and my enjoyment level had risen even further.

Aside from a rather splendid new pair of boots, I realized it was because my brain had undertaken a Spring clean, not by design but rather by chance.

With the whirlwind of activity our first few days my little grey cells as Monsieur Poirot affectionately calls them, had been focused on enjoyment and appreciation of the beauty of the mountains.  As opposed to gripped in a frenzy of determination to “conquer” those maddening moguls!  Not hampered by these thoughts my skiing improved and my enjoyment heightened.

It made me realize even though our brains are brilliant at storing memories, sometimes those cobwebs in the recesses can hinder one from moving forward and an enforced Spring clean is essential to progress.  Never underestimate the power of a Spring clean!!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – Sophie

P.S.  I have to say our full length silk robe from the Daphne collection lined with our lovely, cozy soft double brushed cotton, was particularly useful in the chilly climes.  And yes I did think about skiing in it just for a fun photo opp! wink

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