Drat And Double Drat

Can you believe it we’re almost into the third month of the year – how are those resolutions going?? Please leave in the comments one of the following:

-        - Fabulously thank you right on track

-        - I’ve fallen off the proverbial wagon a smidge but think I’ll be ok

-        - Arrgghh didn’t make any & don’t guilt me

Reason for asking is... Well as you may remember 2018 was my year abstinence on the shopping front, I was buying far too many clothes and shoes. During the year it was pretty much the second option, I fell off the shopping wagon or should that be cart a number of times but gamely popped back on and thought or should I say believed, I had it all under control.

2019 came and I was feeling smugly.  Yes truly smugly, in fact I even confessed my smugliness to you dear reader in a blog post. And you know the saying pride cometh before the fall…….. As I ordered my third pair of shoes in as many weeks, or more truthfully my fifth pair I just sent the other 2 back and my new dress which is probably my tenth article of clothing I realized that in no way have I conquered this habit. I got in a bit of a tizzy around pair 3 and clothing piece 5 and sent it all back.

My justification to myself was that they were all on sale, oh how I love thee Nordstrom and combined with this retailer’s delightful returns policy (like ours I might add) made it almost guilt-free? Yup still, even now, trying to rationalize my actions.

And then there were a series of things were unforeseen and not terribly pleasant back injury, dear friend diagnosed with an illness, one of our little furry friends giving up the ghost etc etc but is that really a valid excuse?

I don’t emotionally eat, I don’t emotionally consume alcohol but do I in fact emotionally buy clothes and shoes?? No because I shop whether life is good or bad and I shop perhaps most importantly for quality. I shop for the life I don’t have.  The one that requires approximately 5-8 outfit changes per day, when I average 3. EXACTLY.

Apparently it takes a person 21 times of doing something or not doing something in my case, to either create or break a habit but upon further investigation that’s not actually the case. This number was based on some research back in the 60s by a plastic surgeon who recorded it took his patients 21 days or so to get used to their new faces – eek!

According to the latest research it’s more like 66 days or longer – which means I’ve clearly not done very well and having been smugly and not making a New Year’s resolution at all, I am at the same point as this time last year and remaking the same one for the next 10 months!!!!

As the designer and general person extraordinaire, Vivienne Westwood once said “Buy less, choose well.”

So should you need me, you’ll find me in my silk dressing gown quietly weeping at my lack of discipline, in my wonderful wardrobe full of new clothes that I may or may not wear.

Advice on a postcard please …. Or in the comments!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – Sophie

P.S. remember this Dick Dastardly & "Muttley do something!"

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