Does It Bring You Joy

When you look at your robe does it bring you JOY….??

Do you even know where your robe or dressing gown is …??

Do you care ….??

As I am sure many of you know Marie Kondo appears to be having a resurgence particularly Stateside. The organizing guru, although to be honest that doesn’t really explain the breadth of her philosophy, is known for asking does this item spark joy!?!

She applies this question to all personal effects including clothes and I have to say what a brilliantly simple way to apply the question “should it stay or should it go”

Often we hold onto things that actually make us feel worse, about ourselves or others. The skinny jeans you wore when you were twenty, the ex-husband’s wedding band you know that kind of thing.

She also advocates a process of saying cheerio to the items that don’t bring you joy and whilst that might get you some odd looks from the other residents of the household, one doesn’t have to do it in the manner of Lady Macbeth. You don’t even have to say it out loud, although there is a certain finality of speaking the words and to be honest the dog already knows you're quite barking anyway and probably doesn't care as long as the food and walks turn up!

Now I have to confess I’ve not applied the Marie Kondo philosophy to my wardrobe because I’m scared stiff I’ll have a ginormous pile of clothes that don’t bring me a great deal of joy but I know will absolutely need one day ….. ahem see my problem?

I did apply a version of it when clearing out the parental home and there were some items of antique furniture which I “should” have kept but they brought zero joy to anyone except for my Mother. I’d already made her quite of aware of this some years prior so felt absolutely no guilt whatsoever when they were disposed of.

However, I do have probably another complete house downstairs in the basement that could very much do with being Marie Kondo’d!!

So in answer to the initial questions I suspect that if you have a SoffiaB silk robe from one of our limited edition collections I can, with almost 100% certainty guess your response– a resounding YES!!

And Marie Kondo should she ever come to visit will not be hauling your dressing gown out to the thrift shop.

Meantime I should probably get down to my basement …..!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

p.s. I was going to show you a pic of the basement but then I thought why ruin the JOY

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