Valentines Day Rules

Valentine's Day rules, it does, it rocks ..... oh we're a laugh a minute here!

Sorry, got carried away there for a moment :-)

So I was scrolling through the archives and came across a Valentine's Day post from quite a few years ago. The post whittered on for a few years about this and that, as was my habit then, however towards the end I came across these:

From the chaps to their lady loved one

o   I will not roll my eyes every time your best friend suggests we all go on holiday together

o   I will watch Strictly Come Dancing / The Voice / Housewives of … without commenting all the way through how rubbish it is

o   I swear your bum/butt will never look big in anything

o   I will not throw all my clothes on the floor for at least a week

o   I will make 2 trips this year with you to your Mother’s and not complain the entire time


From the ladies to their Valentino

o   You may have your weird “best friend” from uni/college over for dinner once this year (but I will not introduce him to my lovely single friend)

o   I will go with you to that death metal / pan pipes / punk band you want to go and see (because all your friends have put that phase behind them)

o   I will not interrupt when you are talking for at least a day

o   I will try and appear interested and ask intelligent questions when the latest “i-something” is released

o   I will not drink too much wine and get all tearful on you, for about a week

Which frankly I thought were brilliant!  

It's a sad day isn't it when I laugh at my own jokes and appreciate my own scribblings, but you know how it is. But the "rules" if you like, were all about absolutely go and purchase a sumptuous SoffiaB robe for your loved one but also think about the giving something back to your significant other that's not so tangible but just as appreciated

The post also mentioned a couple of strategies if you weren't recognizing the day per se. Not that original perhaps but still very valuable amounting to pretty much the same thing - spoil yo'self - although why limit it to one day, what's wrong with the other 364 days!?!

Anyway I thought I would reshare them with you all for the upcoming day, would you add any others....??

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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