England Calling

So therefore I’d like to share some of my musings on my home country. 

- First things first - contrary to popular stateside belief our culinary scene is thriving, is world class and has a variety and eclecticism rarely found anywhere else.

- Yes it rains, possibly for about 10 months of the year, but it doesn’t stop us doing what we enjoy and having fun outdoors – after all who invented the tough-mudder run, hashing etc.

- London is probably the best city in the world, but then I’m biased.

- Street fashion UK style is edgy and honestly you have to be below the age of 30 in most cases to pull it off.

- Will’s home, no not that Wills, I mean Mr Shakespeare, is gorgeous Stratford-Upon-Avon and for yummy food there’s the Dirty Duck or if you’re feeling more flush there’s The Dining Room a Michelin starred restaurant just down the road in Royal Lemington Spa.

- Speed limits are mostly viewed as a guideline and on motorways (highways) people generally drive at least 15 miles an hour above the speed limit beware though the Police don’t take kindly to speeding!

- Drinking is not an alien concept, not a forbidden pleasure, not a treat, not a curse, not a way of life so much, as just something we really, really enjoy, like the sunshine.

- Stonehenge is mystical yes and worth a visit, if just to see some old Druids hanging around.

- Whilst I don’t think you can still buy lions (as per Christian) and such like at Harrods, the food hall alone is worth a visit.

- It’s true we enjoy practicing our sarcasm and irony on unsuspecting visitors, we think it gives us a slightly superior advantage.

- We love the monarchy, pearly kings and queens, pork pies, champagne, old cars and complaining about the weather.

- Camden Market, a treasure trove of finds great and small.  Kings Road, Chelsea, interior design, antiques and yummy restaurants.

- Brighton is just brilliant it has a bit of everything!

Hope this helps?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

Disclaimer – of course this is only one person’s view, mine.  I am sure there are a ton of Brits who may disagree and they are equally free to write down their thoughts and send them in. So apologies if I’ve left out anything considered terribly important ….. but not really, I could write this several times over - there’s more to come.              

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