Flamingo Fascination

I actually wrote this post just a few weeks ago.  

I was wearing cashmere and the snow was gently drifting down outside frown

Reason I’m telling you this is I am having a Flamingo thing currently and I do think perhaps our abysmal spring weather might have something to do with it?

The power of suggestion has long been known to influence our shopping habits, in fact retailers rely on it.  It’s not about going for the one item anymore it’s about seeing just how many items the retailer can persuade their customer to purchase.  Sometimes this is absolutely fine because one does realize that one’s life would not be complete without suggested additional item.

However, this is a nuanced undertaking in our opinion and one that can easily segue into downright pushy.  As a purveyor ourselves we strive to find the right balance and often it depends on the viewer's frame of mind.  Understanding that via email or online can be challenging, but if as a retailer we can present all the options available in a considered and helpful way, then hopefully our clients will appreciate the information and not feel put upon.

But can I really blame the weather for my current flamingo preoccupation? 

Just so you get the full picture I’ve recently bought the cushion you see in the main picture, I have a flamingo print in my dressing room (wearing a feather boa I might add), I have a pair of pottery lawn flamingoes from the 1950s I picked up at an antiques fair a couple of years ago.  

I’ve just ordered flamingo wallpaper for the downstairs loo (guest bathroom).  And I don’t believe my appetite is quite satiated yet!

It’s true we’re in the middle of our latest luxury robe collection which is island and warm climate inspired, but I have to confess I am more of a Cape Cod kinda gal.  Growing up we had a house we’d visit each summer for weeks on end in a tiny village on the east coast of England - the most exotic bird there was a seagull.

Maybe I haven’t experienced enough of the island life, maybe my subconscious is telling me I need to get out there, hence our next line of silk dressing gowns.  Which by the way we’ve called Hermione, so keep an eyeball pealed for more updates.  If I could have found it, it’s quite possible I’d have made a silk robe with a flamingo print – spoiler alert, we haven’t. 

Have you ever found yourself buying or seeking things that are outside your usual repertoire for no apparent reason?  Perhaps after binge-watching Mad Men, as you were the only person on the planet not to have seen it, you took to drinking Martinis each night?  That sort of thing?  Do let me know I’m not alone ….. ?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – Sophie

P.S.  Besides which flamingos in general, the real things, are the most fabulous of birds in our opinion

P.P.S.  Remember that fabulous Flamingo champers too!


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