Shorties, Colours And Prints Oh My!

Thrilled, thrilled, thrilled!

Yes I certainly am and whilst I am always delighted when we launch another luxury silk robe and dressing gown line, this one I am particularly excited about as the prints and colours are all fairly bold.  And whilst one could argue we're not exactly shy about using colour, for some reason this one feels different.

Perhaps because we're doing another shortie collection ie falling on or around the knee and we're using all the print, as opposed to complimentary cuffs and collars, but perhaps it's because these prints make me feel joyful, they make me smile, they lift my spirits. 

Why more so than previous I hear you ask?  Well probably because they remind me of summer, of long holidays of far away places, of sun, sea and sand ..... all of which I find very uplifting!  And why Hermione?  Just adore the name darhlings, adore the name!

Anyway do keep an eyeball open for the next update on inspiration, availability and all pertinent particulars.

Meantime do let me know what you think?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie


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