Flower Fairies

Oh my goodness isn’t it wonderful that Spring is finally here!!??!!

During these strange and weird times the time seems to have gone slowly whilst racing along at the rate of knots – total contradiction I know but goodness, feels like we’ve been in winter for years and yet I can’t believe it’s almost April. But Spring feels good for all the usual reasons of growth, renewal and brighter weather. And for all the new reasons there are to be hopeful of some new normality too.

Accompanying this wee blog are some pictures of daffodils – highly unoriginal for Spring, but dear reader, highly cherished by yours truly.

For years and years, ever since I was a young’un I’ve desperately wanted a wee wood with bunches of daffodils randomly growing. It’s like bluebell woods and snowdrop woods – they’re magical! And I truly believe there’s a whole bunch of fairies living within these woods :-)

Why do I think that? Because finally my wee wood has become a reality and whilst it has taken those blimin’ fairies about 5 years to show up and work their magic, I now have 7 clumps, with 2 others showing through, of daffodils. I have no idea what the flower fairies were doing up until now, because they certainly weren’t in my woods!! I had daffodil stalks, the odd tulip – hello?? And the usual other woody stuff. I planted various bulbs when I remembered and hoped for the best.

Well clearly that wasn’t good enough for said Flower Fairies. Or maybe they were just too busy elsewhere – I have had daffodil envy more times than I care to remember, to the point where I even considered snaffling a few clumps from elsewhere!

No I didn’t, of course I didn’t, but I wanted to if it wasn't such a mean thing to do :-(

Pondside they have the most beautiful bluebell woods, which I believe are pretty much unique to the UK. My lovely friend Myms from The Italian Collection, has a snowdrop wood – huzzah! And she’s already told me I am welcome to come and dig a few up – true friendship that!

Anyway I am going to pop on a dressing gown and go off and have a dance in the fairy infested woods :-)) well the daffodil "infested" woods and feel grateful to the fairies or whomever? But mostly darhlings, I’m grateful it’s Springtime.

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – Sophie xxx

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