It Had To Happen Eventually

You were spared my missive and ramblings last week - many apologies! You see I had taken to my bed having had a wee reaction to my 2nd covid vaccine - which I am not going to discuss here - fortunately I've not had full fat flu since about 14 years ago but I realized I had not forgotten how horrible it can be!!

I had the shot on the Thursday around noon and felt very jolly all day and through to the following morning. Then around 11.00amish I was really dragging. So I took myself off to bed and pretty much remained there on and off until Monday morning. As I am sure many of you have experienced, I was getting a headache, dizziness and chills.

You may recall I am soooo not a pajama person and am not particularly into flannel nightgowns, plus I very fortunately have not been that unwell for a number of years. So it came down to the age old problem - what's a girl to wear :-)

My lovely Mother had, for as long as I can remember, worn dressing gowns but when she was ill and wanted to sit up in bed she had this bed jacket - I know, who knew!!??!! It was a white quilted number with pale pink roses on it. It had 3/4 length wide sleeves, with a collar and the collar and sleeves had lace trim. It had 3 large, pearly buttons down the front and I think it was made out of some sort of unpleasant fabric. Similar to the shocker I've shown up top!

Of course my sister and I thought it was hysterical. We called it her old lady jacket, but she didn't care. It was so her and yet it so wasn't. She was a stylish person who was always getting compliments on her outfits and how put together she looked.... it seemed to my sister and me, such a strange departure for her, especially given her array of dressing gowns.

Anyway my sister kept the bed jacket when my Mother popped her clogs, we both agreed it was the right thing to do. By the way I should add, the fact that this thing still looked brand new after at least 50 years of ownership we have pics of her wearing it after my sister was born, is a testament to just how unpleasant the fabric is!

So as I was languishing this past weekend I naturally enough put my dressing gown on, the lining is cotton cashmere so it was beautifully warm but breathable still. However I did have a fairly large swathe of silk dangling out the side of the bed because I wanted to sit up to eat my soup but didn't want to wear a full length robe in bed. I text'd (is this really a word or should it be just text?) my sister and said "I need a bed jacket" I am sure she laughed like a drain and responded saying she wears an old cashmere cardigan when afflicted by malaise. Blimeys I thought are we turning into our Mother?

I see a cashmere cardigan would be good if you were merely cold, but if you're hot and feverish hmmmn not very nice, that's why my lovely dressing gown was so good!

So will you be seeing a new collection of bed jackets from SoffiaB in the near future? Highly unlikely I'm afraid. I just can't bring myself to do it and besides which, I hope we are all happy and healthy and not in need of one!!

Stay Well, Stay Positive, Stay Safe - Sophie xxx

p.s. this was me last weekend in bed, dressing gown clutched up around my chin shivering :-)

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