Party, Party, Party

I personally blame being British.  Known for our acceptance and some would say embrace of alcohol, I have to stay true to my heritage.  Anyway onwards ….

A wonderful friend of mine recently responded to my enquiry of her weekend with a rather terse response “older but no wiser” and I knew exactly what she meant and how she was feeling ie ghastly!  I beat a hasty retreat sending a “I’m so sorry, feel better soon” email and left her alone for about a week.  Nothing worse than when you’re feeling like hell and some chirpy friend gives you all the advice you know yourself, didn’t take and don’t need to be reminded of.

So hence here are a few potential strategies that may or may not work for you, depending on your metabolism, your age, weight and general disposition and of course how much of the evil brew you drink – still you can’t say I didn’t try to help.

  • Drink water, tons of it, as you drink the alcohol.  There really is no excuse on this one, you can get H2O anywhere in this western world.  It may not remove the hangover completely but it will help to dissipate it significantly.  Plus it will help with the pallor of your skin.


  • Forget the “diet”.  If you know you might have a libation or three, ignore the diet, our bodies along with the water need some additional ballast to help negate the effects of the alcohol.  And yes you may end up just a tad chubbier post New Year but honestly if it helps you survive with good grace throughout the parties, then it’s worth it.  I personally tuck into the bread rolls whenever I can, something I really don’t care for that much in sober normal life.


  • In the UK when I was a lass, I could never get my act together to get out before 9.00pm and typically last orders were 11.00pmish.  So there was often a tremendous throwing back of alcohol.  When we are young we can cope, not so much as we age and my point here is really, pace yourself.  There is typically no rush and if you do feel a little apprehensive and find yourself reaching for the vino, talk instead, ask questions of your party cohorts – it will stop you from guzzling!


  • As for post drinking cures …. Well I’d make a fortune wouldn’t I?  The only one I’ve found that really helps to diminish feeling shabby is a large bottle of Gatorade, some gentle exercise like a walk in the fresh air, (if you’re in warmer climes a soothing swim) some toast and a few painkillers as appropriate.  Or there’s thistlemilk apparently or even an IV…..?

Sorry it wasn’t the magic cure-all you’d hoped for, but you know there is always one other possibility, be wiser, drink less – you never know it might be just as fun!?!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous & Best Wishes for the Holidays – Sophie

Oh and P.S.  Don’t be surly with loved ones during this time of pain and remorse – you need them!!

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