Sunshine Shimmy

And of course on the eternal quest for youth I am also sucked in to the claims of the next “this will make you look 10 years younger” advert.

One beauty line actually has a facial product called Hope in a Jar and I’m unsure as to whether this is a good marketing ploy or not – because really all creams and beauty treatments are in effect just that – Hope.

Often it is hard to distinguish what really works and what doesn’t after all our bodies are never a static palette with which to work.  One day you may wake up feeling as bouncy as hell and that joyfulness will transmit itself and people will remark how spiffy you look that day.  Other days you may feel a tad rubbishy, but perhaps caught some sun over the weekend and you’ll still look quite jolly.

What’s also tricky is that in the beauty world price isn’t always a reliable indicator, you get what you pay for doesn’t necessarily hold true.  For example I use a “Norwegian” brand of hand cream (although it’s probably owned by Proctor & Gamble or similar) that actually works and it’s under $10/£7  – fabulous!

Maybe it’s our expectations that are totally unrealistic?  My friend swears that a certain upper end French line of skincare works for her and once she began using it again, after a small hiatus, her work colleagues remarked how well she looked.  In true lemming style I immediately rushed out and bought the whole lot and no one said a thing. 

On visiting the dermatologist the other day I carefully explained that most of my tan was in fact tanning lotion, but admitted I did like a flatback every now and then.  She raised an eyebrow at me.  She continued her scrutiny and then rounded on me “hon why do you sunbathe!?!” I lamely replied “because it makes me feel good”.  Of course then we had the aging discussion, wrinkles, sun damage, melanoma blah, blah, blah.  I left feeling suitably chastened and told off – which as she was probably about 10 years younger than me was some feat.

So off I toddle to the store to stock up on tanning lotions and yet again get sucked in to the latest offering, a wee tube for about $40, has firming attributes and something else magical that I can’t recall – sold!  However I might add my usual tanning lotion is under $10 and a whole lot larger tube.  Money spent in the name of beauty science I convinced myself.

And the results well remarkably the new lotion actually gave me a lovely, all over tan, as opposed to some strange looking patches I was getting with the other.  I did not apply it any differently, somehow the molecules are less unstable perhaps and it spreads more evenly.

Has anyone noticed or said anything with my new glowing tan – no of course not, will I still steal some time in the sun itself, yes and will I continue to purchase the latest in beauty?  Yes of course because who can resist hope in a jar, not this gal!  Enjoy the remaining sunshine this summer and remember to tan responsibly!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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