The Perfect Gift From Him To Her

Each year she opens her gift with a small feeling of disappointment.  Each year she thanks and kisses her husband because after all he knows how much she likes her dressing gowns!

When they first married she received some lacy lingerie type robes which were gorgeous, a little scratchy and sometimes just downright tacky.  She wore the gorgeous ones because that’s what married people do.  Except she didn’t wear them in the winter or the Autumn or early Spring and she couldn’t wear them with her nightgown or PJs because you could see through the lacy robes.  She couldn’t wear them when guests were staying because they were too see-through and she certainly couldn’t wear them to retrieve the post at the weekends.  So she confined her use of the negligees to when they had a “date” night.

As the years rolled on her husband realizing she perhaps wasn’t wearing the itzy-bitzy lacy robes so much, began buying her short cotton robes instead.  And my friend was now somewhat relieved, finally she wouldn’t be bearing all and she might be warmer too.  The cotton robes were fine, just fine.  She looked a bit crumpled each morning and they didn’t hang elegantly, but at least she wasn’t exposing herself.  Well her legs were hanging out but that was ok, although she couldn’t hide her PJs or nightdress underneath and if she looked a bit mis-matched well she’d have to live with it.  Autumn came, the temperatures dropped and her short cotton robe just wasn’t cutting it, she was piling on the layers and delicately wondered perhaps if a full length robe might be better.

Attentive husband that he is, my friend’s chap bought her a thick terry cloth full length robe that year for Christmas.  Wonderful my friend thought I won’t freeze in this and it will cover up whatever I have underneath.  They finally felt as though they’d both cracked the code to the perfect robe.  Within ten minutes of putting on her robe, not only did my friend feel a tad weighed down, she was also sweating in a rather unlady-like fashion!

The following year he tried a micro-fiber full length bathrobe, lighter weight for sure, but the synthetic material didn’t seem to breathe, the dull grey colour wasn’t exactly mood-enhancing and she looked like the Michelin man

My friend resigned herself to receiving uncomfortable, unflattering robes from thereonin.

Until December 2012, when it all changed.  Her husband bought her a SoffiaB luxury silk robe from the Daphne Collection.  It arrived in a gorgeous gold box, carefully tied with a black ribbon and secured with antique gold tissue paper.  Already my friend’s hopes were high!  She opened it to find a luxury silk robe in an elegant flower print in muted green, with lush velvet collar and cuffs.  The silk robe was lined with ultra soft cotton flannel for sensual coziness.  It looked gorgeous!  She slipped it on and wore it for the next three hours.  She felt fabulous!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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